Net and Mat PackageNet and Mat Package
Net and Mat Package
Net and Mat Package

Net and Mat Package

This is the great golf driving Net and Mat package for the home user looking to set up a practice facility in their backyard.
Included in this package is :

1. A premium 3m x 3m x 3m driving net. Features include :

It’s 3 metre dimensions allow you to stand in or outside the net to hit.A secondary impact drape for added safety and to dampen and drop the ball quickly. Adds life to your net.A unique design where the net hangs away from the poles. Reducing the risk of hitting a pole and avoiding damage to your net or yourself.

2. A Fairway style hitting mat, commercial sized 150cm x 150cm. Don’t get disappointed by getting a small mat that needs pegging down or that will lift and move with each shot. The 150cms size mat allows any right or left hand golfer to stand comfortably on the mat when hitting any club, and are the same mats you use at the range.

Price: $640.00

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