ES16 Launch MonitorES16 Launch Monitor
ES16 Launch Monitor
ES16 Launch Monitor

ES16 Launch Monitor

The ES16 is the newest most advance generation of portable launch monitor that will improve the quality of your practice.

The ES16 Tour connects to the free Ernest Sports app to provide additional shot data. It allows the user to select their distance to the pin and see live ball flight while additional graphs show ball flight from an aerial and lateral perspective. Analyze your range session by viewing club averages, shot dispersion, shot shape and individual shot statistics. Save your range sessions by user to keep your data separate from your friends, and watch your game improve over time.

Ball Data

Carry Distance, Total Distance, Roll Distance, Ball Speed, Lateral Carry Distance,

Lateral Total Distance, Launch Angle, Launch Direction Angle, Spin Rate, Spin Axis,

Maximum Height, Hang Time, Shot Dispersion, Landing Angle

Club Data

Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Angle of Attack, Spin Loft,

Face Angle, Club Path, Dynamic Loft

Price: $7,900.00

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