ES14 Launch MonitorES14 Launch MonitorES14 Launch MonitorES14 Launch MonitorES14 Launch Monitor
ES14 Launch Monitor
ES14 Launch Monitor
ES14 Launch Monitor
ES14 Launch Monitor
ES14 Launch Monitor

ES14 Launch Monitor

Quite simply the ES14 is the next generation of portable launch monitor that will improve the quality of your practice.

Use the monitor as a stand alone unit, or sync the device via bluetooth to your mobile device and download the free App to keep and record all your data.

The ES14 delivers critical data instantly – easily and affordably. It uses a Doppler radar to gather all the critical information to improve your game; club speed, launch angle, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate and estimated distance.

The ES14 is an ideal tool that provides instant feedback. Use it to

  • Calculate averages of all your shots to give you an exact average distance you hit each club.
  • Give you max and min distances of each club
  • Accurately gap the distance between each club.
  • Allow you to get distances from half swings, punch shots, or three quarter wedges.
  • Trial swing tips, new clubs, different balls with immediate feedback on how they impact your distance.
The ES14 and free app open up a world of technology for all golfers by offering a wide range of statistical information in an easy to read format as well as audible feedback for instant results. Imagine hitting 20 practice balls and having all that data recorded giving you an average distance.

Transform your home, garage or workspace into a virtual driving range and start to get greater feedback to improve your game.

Check out more details and watch the promotional video.
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