Tri Surface Golf Practice Mat

Tri Surface Golf Practice Mat

*Product Name : INDIVIDUAL GOLF PRACTICE MAT – with 3 different surfaces

Materials : Tee Turf, Plush Pile, and Fairway surfaces

Size : The entire mat is 60cms x 40cms. Each section is 20cms x 40cms

Ideal mat for the home user.
Hit of 3 different surfaces.
One Mat with full rubber backing, topped with 3 different surfaces.
Finally one mat to suit all your needs.

Tee Turf – To insert a real golf tee or create a divot sensation with irons
Plush Pile – Longer grass to create you own lies or get under the ball
Fairway – Short tight knit surface for close lies or chipping.

Hit off 3 different surfaces to more realistically mimic course conditions.
Practice at home with this fully portable mat.
Suitable for indoors or outdoors.
Perfect for woods or Irons.
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Price: $59.00

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