Training Golf Mat

Training Golf Mat

This mat is an ideal practice mat, as seen and used at golf driving ranges and training schools. It’s arc lines and cross graphs are specially designed to ingrain core fundamentals of a good setup and swing.

In our opinion this is best training golf mat on the market. Not only does its 1.5 metre size allow any golfer to fully stand and hit off the mat with any club; it also has unique training lines to help golfers with stance, address position and the arc of the takeaway and impact path.

It comes with nylon grass layer, and a white cross with white arc lines.

Materials: nylon knitted turf + woven cloth + EVA foam rubber
Size: 150cm x 150cm x 3.2cm

It also comes with 4 tee holes in the mat, so you can rotate it to reduce wear and add life.

Price: $349.00

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