We have a mat to suit all residential or commercial needs. Choosing a mat need not be a confusing experience.

1. Choose your surface
Fairway …… Synthetic grass to most realistically mirror the feeling of a fairway. 3cms thick
Plush Pile ….Thicker and long pile for golfers seeking a divot sensation with less bounce. 5 cms thick
3D ………… Similar to the fairway, but with a 3D layer to create a soft feel to protect player and club. 3.5 cms thick
Tee Turf ….. Thick dense fibre to create a surface that allows a normal golf tee to be inserted. 4.5 cms thick.
Training ….. Complete with Grid and Arc lines, available in one commercial size

2. Choose your size.
Standard ….. Entry level mat size for the budget conscious. 30cms x 50cms
Medium …… More surface area to help prevent movement and sliding. 50cms x 90cms
Large ……… Rectangular mat to allow the golfer to stand on the mat when hitting. 100cms x 150cms
Commercial . Same as used in golf ranges, allowing 90 degree mat rotation to extend life. 150cms x 150cms

3. Compliment your hitting mat with one of our specialised putting mats.