Skytrak home setup

A few customers looking at the ES12, and ES14 monitors have asked questions about the Skytrak system.
Specifically for more robust measured parameters such as side spin and launch angle.

Check out a video from one of our customers in W.A. using some of our components for a Skytrak Setup.


Check out some of our latest customer practice setups. Contact us about your wish list and we will assist you in creating the perfect practice environment.

July 2015 – Checkout this setup at a retirement village

June 2014 – A recent backyard setup using a Par Net and Commercial 3D mat from a customer in Melbourne

Feb 2015
See our White net used as a cricket net at the Foxtel Cricket World Cup Launch.

Oct 2014
See our 3D mats installed and in action at the Mount Gravatt Driving Range.

Sep 2014
A photo from a customer in Perth who has a White Net setup.

Jun 2014
See our Fairway Mats installed at the Driving range in Capabala Queensland

Golf Impact Tape

Golf impact tape or impact stickers are one of the most widely used practice aids in the world of golf. The specially designed adhesive tape is designed to stick to any clubface, and can be removed without any trace of residue. When used it gives instant feedback on the golf ball impact position, which allows for simple and easy corrections to swing faults. And even the dimple shape can give feedback on hooks or slices. The tape can be used for once off analysis, or can be reused multiple times to show clusters or trends. They are a must have for any serious golfer who wants to learn more about their swing, and understand the cause and potential corrections on various impact positions.

The beauty of golf impact tape is that it’s so simple to use, but it’s actually quite complex in construction and design. Ink encapsulated impact stock is coated with a residue free removable adhesive and merged with a high quality lay flat carrier. The material is die cut to shape and covered with a tuff tear resistant matte coating. The end result is a removable sticker that when hit with a golf ball leaves an carbon imprint of where the ball made impact with the club.

Use golf impact tape on course, on the range, or in a practice net. Hitting the golf tape once gives instant feedback on the exact impact position of the ball. Use the tape up to 6-7 times gives great cluster information, letting you know trends or hitting patterns.

Golf impact stickers are a must have for golfers wanting instant feedback. Because feedback leads to self improvement, and self improvement leads to better golf.

Global Golf Products have moved

Global Golf Products have moved premises.

After starting operations out of Dandenong, we have out grown the premises.
As of 19/09 we have moved our business to 2/26 Coolstore Road Croydon.
Give us a call anytime on 1300 138 719 to visit our new showroom, where we have much more space for you to view and trial our wide range of Golf Mats, Golf Nets, and training accessories

I want a Golf Net

Thanks to the team at Creswick Creative with the help to set up our latest video.

Check it out

Check out our videos

Many people have been asking us where they can see our units in operation. Specifically the balls-up ball return unit.

Watch here, or visit Vimeo via the following link

Untitled from global golf on Vimeo.